Happy 2018 lovelies! It’s a fresh new year, the holiday period is coming to an end and it’s time to start getting back into it and kicking those GOALS.

I’ve been enjoying a mini break from work over Christmas and have managed to push any thought of work to the back of my mind. Alas, all good things must come to an end and it’s back to work time. Luckily, instead of groaning I’m feeling REFRESHED and READY to tackle the new year at work thanks to these 6 awesome essentials I’ve discovered that every career girl needs in their life to help make work a whole lot more productive and a hopefully a little bit more FUN!

1. Handbag

At the top of the list of essentials is the perfect stylish handbag to carry your work essentials. If you are anything like me and love to carry your life around in your handbag then this Belle handbag from Australian handbag label Sash & Belle is for you! I not only feel sophisticated and stylish carrying this bag with me to work but have the comfort of knowing that everything I could possibly need for the day, including my laptop, is right there with me inside this practical and very functional bag.

There’s seriously a pocket for everything inside this bag including a laptop pocket, ipad pocket, a spot for your drink bottle, pens, zip compartment for your smaller items and a clip for your keys. What more could you need in a bag?

The Belle bag comes in stone colour (as pictured) or black and Sash & Belle also have a great range of other stylish bag options available that you can check out here.

2. Wireless Keyboard

If you work in an office or run any kind of business chances are you spend a lot of time typing on a computer, tablet or smartphone. I was recently gifted a Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard that I was really excited to try but had doubts about whether it would add anything to my productivity or make life any easier for me. Turns out it’s one of the most useful tech gadgets I’ve used and I’m not sure how I survived without one of these for so long!

The keyboard allows you to type and switch easily (and by easily I mean with just the click of a button) between multiple devices including your smartphone and tablet making typing and multitasking between your devices a DREAM. Having a full keyboard to use with my smartphone makes emailing, typing up blog posts and notes so much easier and less clunky than using the little on screen keyboard. The keyboard even has a nifty little ledge to sit your phone or tablet (or both, side by side) while you are typing.

The keyboard connects up easily to your device via Bluetooth and if you are working on multiple projects on more than one device you can just switch between screens at the press of a button. So useful!

3. Comfortable Flats

Comfort, especially for your feet, is also really important if you are a busy career girl on your feet all day. Cammino are a brand new Melbourne based business that create the most beautiful and comfortable Italian leather ballet flats. These flats are a definite essential for any career girl looking for the perfect pair of shoes to give your feet a break from your uncomfortable, impractical work heels or as an easy option to pop on your feet for post-work events.

The Cammino flats come in a range of classic and fun colours to suit your style and personality but the best part about these shoes is that they are foldable making them really convenient to store in your handbag or in your work drawer for when you need them. I’ll be honest, my pair have spent more time on my feet than in my handbag because they are just so COMFY and STYLISH I have been wearing them as an alternative altogether to heels!

4. The Perfect Planner

I discovered this planner by Amelia Lane Paper late last year and had been counting down the days until 2018 so I could start using it! I have both the Desktop Daily planner (pictured below) and the Compact Daily planner for work and both planners have everything a career girl could possibly need to help with your productivity, organisation and motivation. Not to mention the covers which come in the most stylish designs!

One of my favourite parts is the inclusion of a vision board section and goal planning pages at the start of the planner so you can set out your resolutions and plans for 2018 in achievable steps. The daily pages also all have a to-do-list and a section for you to fill in your daily food and exercise achievements. As a lawyer, I was also really excited about the fact that each page is set out in an hourly schedule format which is great for scheduling in client appointments.

If you haven’t already sorted out your 2018 planner it’s not too late and I would definitely recommend checking out these planners by Amelia Lane Paper!

5. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

A delicious hot cup of coffee is always on my list of essentials to get me through a busy day at work. Rather than grabbing a mediocre takeaway cup of coffee in the morning I’ve been loving the more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative of Urban Brew coffee pods. They are another new favourite Aussie business of mine that produce affordable, biodegradable, Fairtrade coffee pods that are compatible with most major pod coffee machines.

Everything about Urban Brew is really convenient, easy and fun! You can order online with fast delivery and they also offer a subscription service so that you will never run out of coffee when you need it. The coffee is roasted locally so if you are a fellow Aussie you will be supporting local which is both good for local business and for the environment. Plus, the coffee tastes delicious!

Did I mention they also provide you with free EDIBLE WAFER CUPS for your coffee with your order? Grab yours here!

6. Sleeping Mask

Last, but not least is getting a good night’s sleep! Having a restful night of ZZZZ’s is super important if you are a busy career girl so that you have the energy to tackle the busy day ahead. Unfortunately, sleep is not something I am very good at or usually get enough of. However, this beautiful luxe sleep mask from local business Jazminbell has been doing wonders to help me improve my sleeping habits.

The mask feels super light and HEAVENLY on the face but is lined to block out the light. Wearing the mask not only helps me get to sleep quicker by blocking out any distracting light coming through the curtains or from devices but leaves me feeling like I’ve had the most relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep. I had never really used a sleeping mask prior to trying this one out and am so glad to have discovered the advantages of wearing one.

Jazminbell also offer a range of cold/heat packs in beautiful prints that are also worth checking out to help you feel cosy and relaxed at your desk in both summer and winter. I always have one of the mini sets in my desk at work to warm my hands when the office is a bit chilly.