My partner and I have recently moved from a small apartment into a proper house and all of the extra space has me very excited about home decorating! Alas, the fact that we are still renting and have a limited budget feels like a severe limitation on what we can do with the place. Decorating can also be a dilemma when you know the space is only going to be temporary and larger investments just aren’t justified. Despite this, walking in the door at the end of the day to a space that feels like home is so important no matter how temporary your home.

Although my Pinterest goals are still some way off, during the last few months we have slowly made our new space feel like home. If you are in a similar situation, I have listed a few tips that have proved very useful to us to help spruce up your rental without jeapordising your bond or your bank balance.

1. Add a little bit of nature
I am a huge fan of indoor plants at the moment. It’s amazing how a little bit of greenery can add a huge degree of freshness and character to your home. One of my favourite recent purchases is this gorgeous Chain of Hearts hanging plant that requires very little maintenance.

Succulents are also a fuss-free and budget friendly addition to liven up your home. Customise your cactii with decorative pots, or create a terrarium for a bit of extra colour and character.

If you struggle to keep even the hardiest succulent alive for more than a week fake plants are also fantastic option. Even one of these small shrub like plants from IKEA are enough to liven up a corner of your home.
 2. Cushions and blankets and throws, oh my!
Buying a new couch or bed is a huge investment and when you are renting there are all kinds of considerations about whether it will last or match the decor in your next home. However, investing in a set of decorative pillows and a throw is a quick and easy way to give your old furniture new life and to save your money towards your permanent dream piece in future.
Cushions in particular are affordable and therefore low commitment which means you can change them around readily to suit your mood and the current trends. Don’t be afraid to mix sizes, colours and textures as long as your stick to a general colour scheme.

3. Bookshelves
Rentals are nearly always short on storage so investing in storage solutions like a freestanding bookshelf is a great alternative to adding shelving or more permanent storage solutions to your walls.

Your bookshelf shouldn’t just be all about books though. Make your bookshelf a focal and exciting point in your house by mixing it up. Add some baskets to store your loose papers and odds and ends, stack your books in a creative way or by colour or space it out with accessories to create a more innovative look.
4. Accessorise
You never know what the colour scheme or layout your next place will have so sticking with neutral furniture or cheaper pieces and decorating them with accessories is always the way to go. There are so many budget accessories that you can find in stores like Kmart, Target and your local two dollar store that you can mix and match to create your own personal style and the decor in your home.

Try combining decorative candles, trays, vases and artwork to create vignettes around your home that show off your personal style.
Artwork in particular can make a huge difference in a rental home. An interesting piece of art on a wall can change the whole feel of a room and can help to draw attention away from the paintwork on the wall which may not always be so appealing in a rental. Removeable hooks are a godsend for renters but if you are reluctant to put anything on the wall, propping your artwork up on your furniture can be just as effective to fill up the blank spaces on your walls.

5. Plant a Garden
My partner in particular loves gardening and a gorgeous vegetable and flower garden outside can really make your house feel like a home. However, even if your landlord allows you to rearrange the landscaping, planting a garden in a rental can seem like a waste of time if you have to leave it all behind when you move. Building a potted or raised garden is a perfect solution for this dilemma and can look just as great.

A variety of larger and smaller pots filled with flowers and herbs in an area of your balcony or yard can look extremely effective and are easily portable when it’s time to move. Another great solution is raised planter beds. If you buy them big enough you can even grow your own vegetables without having to change the landscaping.

6. Keep it minimal and organised
Finally, don’t feel like you have to go overboard and decorate every inch of every room. Going minimal can give a very elegant, clean and fresh feel to your home and is also a fantastic budget saving strategy. Before you invest in any piece of home decor you should consider whether you have a place for it and if it has a purpose. It also means you will be carting less with you when it’s time to move on to your next rental or permanent home.


What are your favourite decorating tips? Tell me in the comments below!