I recently received the most delicious flourless carrot cake from the Cheesecake Shop’s new Everyday Delights Range and thought it would be a perfect excuse to host a brunch! There really is no better way to brighten up a morning than a cosy brunch date with your family or besties chatting over mimosas and food.

Our Pinterest and Instagram feeds may have us feeling as though we need to create a large dent in our savings to host the perfect brunch but with the help of the Cheesecake Shop and these 4 tips you can host your own insta-worthy brunch on a minimal budget that your guests will be raving about.

1. Host it at home

One of my favourite weekend activities is heading out for brunch! However, ordering food and drinks for a large group can add up to a very expensive morning out. Hosting your brunch at your home means you can purchase and make your own food and drinks for a fraction of the price (and usually with leftovers!) and without any additional pesky BYO or booking fees.

Brunch should be a cosy, intimate occasion so there is no need to worry if your home is a bit limited on space. Instead of having individual place settings for all your guests, opt for a buffet style brunch around the coffee table or even host the event outdoors if the weather permits. If you are limited on seating like me, placing some throw cushions around the coffee table for guests to sit on is a creative solution that can also add a wonderfully relaxed and casual vibe to your brunch.

2. Plan a Simple Menu

My top tip for food selection is to keep your catering simple and avoid as little fuss in the kitchen as possible to not only save on money but free up time for you to enjoy the morning. Instead of going all out and attempting to prepare numerous dishes for your guests, you should focus your brunch around one main dish that you can preferably prepare ahead of time or purchase ready-made.

I picked up this very fresh and delicious flourless carrot cake from the Cheesecake Shop as the main dish for my brunch and just popped it in the fridge ready to go. The Carrot Cake is part of the Cheesecake Shop’s new Everyday Delights range of cakes that are lighter than their normal cake range and use less sugar, fresh fruits and free range eggs making them perfect for an everyday occasion like a brunch or a morning tea at the office.

Not only are the Everyday Delights range of cakes a quick and easy solution for an event but they are a very budget-friendly option with one cake feeding 6-8 persons for the same cost as buying brunch out for 1-2 people. There are quite a few different cake choices in the Everyday Delights range to choose from that you can check out here.

In addition to your main dish make sure you also have a variety of nibblies and easy to prepare dishes such as a cheese platter and bowls of fresh berries and fruits. You could even ask your quests to bring along a small plate of food each to make things a bit more exciting and share some of the cost.

So that none of your guests leave hungry or unhappy make sure you take into account any dietary restrictions. Luckily the Cheesecake Shop’s Everyday Delights range of cakes has you covered offering a number of gluten free and low sugar options to cater for the health conscious.

3. Beverage Selection

It might feel as though it’s too early in the day but booze is an essential accompaniment to brunch. There is no need to have an expensive cocktail menu though because nothing goes better with brunch than a glass of sparkling! I had a bottle of Jansz Tasmania Rosé at home that I would highly recommend if your budget covers it. Otherwise, there are lots of cheap options available at the local bottle shop. It’s also likely one or more of your guests will bring along a bottle.

To make your refreshments look more insta-worthy and create a little more excitement you could even set up your own Mimosa bar with a choice of juices and garnishes for your guests to prepare their own drinks.

4. Prepping your space

Before the guests arrive you will need to spruce up your place. There are so many amazing bargains you can find at the local two dollar store and Kmart to add some colour and fun to your table setting. I arranged the Cheesecake Shop Carrot Cake and my dishes on the coffee table over coloured tea towels and mixed in some candles, fun shaped dishes and coloured bowls to create a flatlay worthy brunch.

Fresh flowers are also a beautiful decorating option if your budget permits. Alternatively, a vase of fake flowers can look just as effective with the added advantage that you can also reuse them in future.

Finally, make sure you have a music playlist ready to go to to set the atmosphere when your guests arrive.

Hopefully the above 4 tips help take some of the stress out of hosting your next brunch on a minimal budget so that you can let loose and enjoy a great morning without worrying about our bank balance.

What’s your favourite brunch tip? Let me know in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.